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Hey Zombie Horde, I’ve done some work on my Discord server. I would like to start using discord more to help me to interact with you the viewers. If you follow my twitch channel and want to join just let me know. I hope to get most if not all members of the Zombie Horde in discord. I have made this quick list of the various channels, and what the rules for each channel are.

Text Channels

hangout: This channel is for any member of the zombie horde to talk about whatever they want. Come in, interact, share stuff, have fun. Be respectful of one another, but otherwise have fun

mod-channel: For myself and the mods

stream-suggestions: If you have any game requests or general suggestions put them here. This way I will be able to see them quickly

geeks-nerds-unite: Updates of what’s happening on the geeksnerdsunite.com site

question-of-the-day: I will post the questions of the day, and you all can answer.

announcements: Where I will let people know any schedule changes, when we go live, etc

art: Share your art, art you really enjoy, or promotions you think artists might like to know about!

shoutoutyourstream: A place for you to promote yourself or other streamers

players-of-the-505: Updates for the Players of the 505 group I run with Fencechildllg

Voice Channels

Stream Channel: If you are playing a game with me while streaming this is where you will voice. As of now everyone has permission to join me on stream when I am gaming. However you should only be in this channel if you are actually playing with me, or I have given you permission to voice. Please be sure to follow my in channel rules if you are voicing with me.

ModVoice: Voice channel for myself and mods

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