Dear Twitch Streamers

I mod a few channels in addition to streaming. In my time as a mod I have gotten a lot of negative push back as a direct result of asking people not to self promote. This happened pretty recently (no names will be named), but it’s not the first time. I would like to explain my position on this matter, and it’s a position that I feel most streamers agree with.

Regardless of your intentions obsessively mentioning your own stream is a form of self promotion. When you discuss your stream more than you interact with the stream you are viewing this tends to leave a certain impression. Streamers do mention their own streams, it’s something that happens. Also some streamers might be more than willing to discuss advice for a different stream in their channel. However there is a line, it’s sometimes a grey area, but once crossed it can be problematic.

When I, as a mod ask someone not to self promote it’s not to be rude. I am not trying to accuse you of doing something on purpose, or cast negative light on you or your stream. I am simply pointing out that you are starting to behave in a certain way, and that you should stop.

I don’t assume that anyone is intentionally behaving this way. A few people clearly are, but I won’t let a few bad eggs reflect everyone on twitch. Regardless of your intentions though when a mod specifically points it out you need to take it for what it is, a clear cut warning that you behavior has crossed that line and needs to stop.

When the line is crossed it becomes rude. If you truly aren’t intending to be rude when it’s pointed out your response should be to correct the behavior not fight it. In addition to not arguing with mods that point out you are self promoting here are some tips.

-Do not say you are leaving a stream to start streaming yourself. It’s very inconsiderate. It also treats whatever stream you were in before your own as basically your warm up act. If you are leaving a stream to start your own just say “I am leaving”.

-Don’t drop into a stream, say hi, then immediately follow up with your stream schedule for the rest of the day. If I know you are a streamer I will ask. If you come in say hello then say “I will be streaming in 3 hours” it implies that you are only there to say “hey come watch me in 3 hours.”

-If no one is asking you about your stream don’t keep talking about it. When your conversation becomes more about your own stream than participation in what’s happening (unless you are being asked directly) it reflects poorly.

-Do not make plans for a multi stream in someone’s stream unless that streamer will also be in it. For instance if I am streamer a, person b and c shouldn’t discuss a multi stream unless I as streamer a am going to be part of it. There is a whisper system, direct messaging, and hundreds of other ways to contact people about this.

Again we are all guilty of forgetting these things from time to time. We are streamers we can’t help but talk about streaming. However there is a line, and if you respect the streamers you are watching you should respect that line. You will stumble from time to time, but be gracious when that happens. Also try to keep in mind what behaviors you were displaying when someone pointed out that you were self promoting and try not to repeat them.

Also remember again it’s all about respect. Respect your fellow streamers and they will respect you. Put yourself in their shoes and think “how would I feel if someone behaved this way in my chat”. Even if you think you would be ok with that, respect that clearly the streamer in question is not. Again if you respect them you should respect their requests and rules.

Another thing to remember is that if you have a problem when mods ask you to stop something don’t fight with them. Ask for clarity, then respect their request. When I ask someone to stop doing something it’s not because I don’t like them. It’s because I care about the streamers I mod for and I am trying to help make their channel successful for them.

Thank you,


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