This Week Around the Web

This week a number of articles of mine went up on various sites. If you missed them, and want to check them out they are as follows

Valve Remains Silent


“As many people know, over Christmas Valve had serious issues with Steam. They were allowing users to have access to other random user’s accounts. This means that people could see all the details of random accounts, including credit card information. Since the problem Steam has fixed it, but remains silent about it.”

Read the full article here

You can also read the follow up here

New Series from Level 5


“Level 5, the rather popular video game company, has said that they will be doing a new series sometime in 2016.”

Read full article here

2016 Hype

“2016 looks like it will be a great year for all forms of media. We will be seeing follow ups to things we loved in the past, a second chance for a hero, and possibly one of the most heartbreaking superhero movies ever. While this is not everything to look forward to in 2016, here are some of the things that have geeks and nerds most excited.”

Read the full article here

Also remember op-eds, impressions, mini reviews, etc have been moved to GeeksNerdsUnite

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