Starting Over

As many of you know I recently made the choice to start over with a new name on Twitch. I would rather not get into the reasons for that choice again. For better or for worse, the choice was made. It’s been rather hard. The reality of all that work being basically lost has hung over me since I made the choice. That is not to say I regret it, I don’t, but it’s hard to look at Twitch completely the same way. I have already realized that there are people that will never make the connection. LoliZombie is lost and ZombieScribe will not fill that space.

Yet I can’t help but be ready to move forward. Sadly the week after the change life sort of got in the way, outside of that I am completely looking forward to this. I have had an extreme amount of encouragement and support for the change. In addition to outside influences, there is the realization that I just did not work hard enough at Twitch, and now I have a chance to fix that. A chance to start new and really push myself.

To that end I have thought of a lot of theme days and plans for new directions for the stream. Indie games and retro is something I would like to make a larger appearance in the stream. I also hope to do more giveaways along those lines as well.

The reality at this point is there were a lot of good reasons for this change, and a lot of bad ones. The choice has been made, and was made for the right reasons. My choice now is to embrace it make the best of starting over, or not. It really doesn’t seem that hard to decide.

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