No More Gamewisp

Some of you have probably noticed the lack of gamewisp button, and I will actually be closing my account (sorry to those I used to sub to, I will donate in other ways). Honestly it just didn’t feel right to me anymore. While I am struggling to find a regular schedule having a month sub just seemed… Wrong. It’s one thing to take tips from people while I am streaming (though even that I feel iffy about at times), it’s another to have a regular thing set up while I am inconsistent at best.

Until I find a regular schedule I can maintain I will not be using gamewisp, even after that point I am not sure I will go back to it. Right now I am not worried about the future but only what feels right, right now. Having gamewisp didn’t feel right for the time being. I appreciate everyone that subbed to me on gamewisp at various points in time, your support means a lot. I appreciate everyone that does normal tipping as well. I just could not continue to use the service and still feel right about myself.

My hope is to energize myself and channel after returning from vacation, and hope to be a better streamer for all of you regardless of how you support me.

Thank you!

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