Changes Coming to the Channel

During my “welcome back” stream I made a few announcements about the planned format for future streams. It was brief so I wanted to go into further detail about where I see the stream going from here on out.

I am sort of considering this the starting point. Shortly after the name change is when my emotional problems started getting out of hand. It has clearly negatively impacted the stream. I haven’t been consistent, my growth has been slow, there was a lack of motivation/direction. I am not actually starting over, but I am treating it like I am. I am moving forward from here without dwelling on the mistakes of the last few months.

The schedule will be as follows

Tuesday-Thursday 4/5pm Mountain Time: Story Streams

This is pretty self explanatory, pick a game then try to complete during streams. Moving forward we are going to have a few focuses. RPGs, Indie Games, Horror Games, and Retro Games. In other words true variety. I am making it a goal to start and finish as many games as I possibly can so that we can experience them. I may even make a goal for how many in a year.

Friday 4/5 Mountain Time: Indie Games

Despite the fact that we will play indie games during the normal week, Fridays will be devoted to indie games. This ensures that no matter what I am doing, or how many games we have to complete, indie games will get a spotlight. Some weeks we will pick types of indie games and do a few of them, other weeks just one game.

Follower Friday: Once a Month

Once a month instead of indie Friday we will do Follower Friday. I will tell everyone what Friday it will be at the start of the month, so if you want to participate you will be given a lot of prior notice. I am only doing these once a month because the last few have been a bust. I don’t want to completely write off Follower Friday, but it’s hard to plan them and have you guys be unable to participate. If they start getting extremely popular again we will go from there

Sundays: ???

Sundays will be sort of a mixed bag. Each Sunday will be something different. The starting time, will depend on what type of stream we will be doing. I will say right now that I will not be streaming every single Sunday. I will try to do as many as possible, but there are times when I will need my Sunday to myself.

PvZunday: Bringing this back. We will play Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Point and Click Sunday: Full stream of a Point and Click Adventure

Creative: Working on perler

Gaming with Ben- Ben and I playing games together ❤

At the start of each month I will make a calendar for the month and put the link on my channel. That’ll keep us all up to date on what’s going on. Let me know your thoughts and as always any suggestions are welcome ^_^

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