In my life I’ve struggled greatly with making friends, and an even harder time keeping them. I moved a lot which certainly didn’t help, but it’s also simply hard for me. I can go through extremes with how social and anti social I can be. A lot of people don’t have patience for the fact that I will basically stop talking to them for weeks, even months. I cannot fault others for that, it’s not the most endearing quality.

I have been extremely blessed the last years I’ve lived in New Mexico. I made some very good friends, and friends patient enough to deal with all the less than wonderful traits that I come with. Two of them I met long ago, and there were highs and lows over the years, but I’ve always cared for them.

I title this bittersweet because they are moving, and it’s a mixed feeling. I will miss them, and I am selfish enough that I want them to stay. However I am also extremely happy for them that they are taking this next step in their lives. They are branching out, moving forward, and experiencing new things. I am happy for them, mildly jealous, and inspired to do the same.

I know this is not the end of our friendship. There are people in your life where distance cannot change your friendship. I wish them the best, I give them my love, and I say good luck to all of those taking a step like this as well.

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I am a writer and streamer by trade. A gamer, reader, and all around nerd by hobby ;)

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