Changes for the Future

As I have been talking about, TwitchCon gave me a lot to think about. As a result there are some changes I am making. I am doing list format for no other reason than I like lists. Some of these will be specific to Twitch, some to writing, some to my blog, some to myself personally.

-I am going to really hammer home having a tightened up schedule. Specific time for streaming, for writing, for dicking around, for working on other projects. I mean tightened up, locked down, organize the hell out of my life, schedule.

-As a sub-note to that I will be changing my twitch schedule a bit. I will be streaming Tuesday-Friday now. Saturdays will remain always off. Sunday streams will be SUPER rare. Monday streams… this is still debatable. It’s one area I am still contemplating and will inform you of in the future.

-Another sub-note I will be attempting 2-3 blog posts every week. We will see how it works out and then adjust from there. For GNU I will be attempting one post a day, and hoping that not all of those will be my own.

-Final sub-note I will be setting aside time each day for creative writing and editing. If I go over that then awesome, but I will focus only on writing for those hours every day regardless. I have a number of goals with writing. Including, finishing my novel and getting it up. Finishing, and hopefully selling, a number of short stories. There are other writing projects I am working on as well.

-I am setting a very high goal for weight loss. Before you start with “oh you don’t need to” thank you, but I want to. Not for Ben, not for my viewers, for me. I have been very unhappy with my appearance for a very long time and have not done nearly enough about it. I want to feel better about me and will be losing weight to do so. I will be using my blog greatly to help me with this venture. I plan on doing a weekly food diary, updating on how working out is going, and updating on the weight loss itself. Part of it will also just be focusing on my attempts to be healthier over all.

This journey will be part of my Twitch in that people will likely see this happening. It may show up in other ways as well. For instance I might bring in some social eating at the end of streams, things like that. Again, still working this out and thinking on it.

-Retro and indie will be making larger appearances on the channel. They will not be the ONLY things I am streaming, but they will be pretty major. In addition to that retro games will be tying into a blog series for GNU

-There will be smaller changes to Twitch as well. Expect updates to rules, channel art, panels, overlays, overall look of stream, things of that nature. Many of these won’t be “announced” but rather will flow into the actual channel itself.

-Less of a goal and more of a plan, I will learn social media and marketing and will be using them more effectively!

-Some changes are more personal and dealing with my attitude and the way I approach things. I have been working on my negativity and will continue to do so.

-Being consistent. Being consistent with my schedule, with working on projects, with social media, with being healthier, with everything. Consistency, consistency, consistency

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