In the wake of the election a lot of arguments are being tossed around. The following are a few that I want to single out to say “stop saying this”.

-It’s ok that I didn’t vote I hated them both

No it’s not. Tuesday night, like all elections, was NOT just about president. It was about Congress, it was about your state elections, it was about your local elections. There are certain disenfranchised groups that I can understand no longer voting, however they do not make up the entire block of people that didn’t vote. You could have voted 3rd party, or not vote for president and still made an awesome impact. You could have helped to stop the Republican party taking total control of the government. Trump being elected is only part of our problem.

-We have checks and balances guys

Yes we do, I am glad that you realize that. Of course you forgot to realize that the Republican party now controls the whole damn government. While you were just paying attention to Trump you missed that Republicans now control The House, The Senate, The White House, and will be naming anywhere from 1-5 Supreme Court Justices. Checks and balances only works if the rest of the government does not agree with the president. Also as a note the last time the Republican party had unchecked control over the government and went deregulation mad (in order to help businesses) was 1928. History buffs out there might remember the result of that in 1929. Checks and balances is super important, which is why it’s so bad we basically won’t have it.

Republicans might step in to stop some of the more insane Trump promises, but the party as a whole supported him and a lot of what he was saying. Our reality is not just Trump as president, our reality is a hyper conservative Republican party having a massive amount of control.

-Not all Republicans/Trump supporters agree with his bigotry

Doesn’t matter. We elected an openly racist/sexist/bigot as president. By nominating him damage was done, now that he’s been elected it’s gone too far. Americans that hate people of color, hate women, hate transgendered people, etc were told that they are right. The millions of Americans that were already experiencing that hate were told they don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if Republicans pump the breaks now, it’s too late. Hatred was emboldened thatt night.

-Get over it

No, in fact I am glad so many people are upset by this. We need to get upset when politics is like this ALL THE DAMN TIME. If we as a country cared more maybe it wouldn’t have come to this. Maybe this entire election cycle wouldn’t have been such a joke. It’s gotten worse and worse over the years, so don’t get over it. Care more in fact. And care about every election, and care about the way the media covers elections, and fight to make the entire system better.

-Hillary was just as bad

Hillary was pro establishment, yes. Hillary would have fucked up no doubt. Hillary would have been completely useless had Republicans taken over Congress and she won. All these things are true, but when you have two “bad options” as far as policy is concerned then who they are as people matters. It really does matter that we chose Trump over her even though they both sucked.

-If you voted 3rd party you voted for Trump

You know I was mad at 3rd party voters, but honestly it’s misplaced. Many people who voted 3rd party also voted to keep Republicans out of Congress which is awesome. Not only that but the people most guilty for a Trump win are Trump voters, the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party. Direct your anger where it belongs and then do something productive with it.

-This just proves it doesn’t matter

Actually no, it proves that apathy is killing us. Less than 26% of people voted for Trump and he won, that’s how little it took. It also (hopefully) showed the Democratic party that it’s time for them to step up. It certainly showed progressives that if we keep sitting back then regression will keep winning this country.

-He might not do that badly

First of all, and again, IT DOESN’T MATTER. We elected an open hate machine. Even if he does a passable job what we did when we elected him is sickening. Secondly, we know the people he is appointing to important positions, this is going to be a shit show. Maybe he’ll pull back on some things, but there is a lot that is going to be bad moving forward.

Tell me what you think

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