The Bethesda Online Store Experience

I want to start this rant by saying I am a huge Fallout fan, and overall supporter of Bethesda. In my years I have spent more money on Bethesda games and merch than I would care to admit. This includes many bobbleheads, the special editions of many Fallout games, clothes, you name it I’ve bought it.

Over a month ago (this is not an exaggeration) I ordered a sweater from the Bethesda online store. When we received our package instead of the sweater it was a t-shirt. Stuff happens, I get that. I tried to find out what steps I needed to take only to be told I needed to sign up for an account to contact costumer service. While this is not technically true, the process is streamlined if you do. I don’t like this. I don’t create accounts when ordering online, ordering online is risking enough as it is. I emailed them gave them all the information I could find that they needed (I was only short one thing) and asked what the next steps were. I did say that I felt it was wrong that the site implied you needed to create an account for returns.

I will fully and completely admit to being rude in the past when having customer service issues, I may even be rude some time in the future. This was not one of those times however.

A week went by and nothing.

A little more upset I set out to email them once again. I did put a bit more anger into my email about their lack of customer service, but it doesn’t matter. I received an email back saying that the email I just sent and all future emails from me were marked as spam and would not be received by the email address. That’s right I got blocked for emailing and saying I got the wrong item.

I then tried to call their “customer service number” which sends you straight to a voice mail and they may or may not return your call. I don’t know that I have to actually say this, but they didn’t return my call.

My husband then decided to take over. He contacted them addressing both the wrong item and the horrible way I was treated. When they emailed back they apologized for the wrong item but didn’t even acknowledge the bad customer service. Ben emailed them again and said that they weren’t addressing the full issues. Once again they ignored him.

Finally I decided to try Twitter, and tweeted at ThinkGeek directly. Why ThinkGeek? Well if you scroll down to the bottom of Bethesda’s online website you will see that the copyright is for ThinkGeek. ThinkGeek did seem concerned that I had such a bad experience, until I said that it was on the Bethesda website and not their main store. Now if ThinkGeek is not fully in charge of that site they still have their copyright on it so they should have responded and said “we’re sorry but you need to actually contact this other company” not just completely ignore the situation.

We sent off the shirt and have now waited weeks. We know that they have gotten the shirt because of the tracking information. So over a month ago I ordered a sweater and got the wrong item. We have gotten no refund, no contact to say whether or not they are replacing it, nothing. So I paid money to be blocked from a customer service account, and have my complaints ignored by those that did this.

So where are we now? Well I am fairly certain we will not be getting a refund so thank you Bethesda and ThinkGeek for stealing from me after all the money I’ve given you over the years. Truly though it doesn’t matter. Their customer service has been so monumentally bad that frankly I don’t know how this can be corrected if it can be at all. I am writing this out to inform all those that are like me, that spend a decent amount of money on video game merch, you may want to reconsider who you purchase it through.

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