Learning to Schedule

So I mentioned in my list of things to do before 30 that I need to get better at scheduling my time, and I truly do. I am inconsistent about when I work on writing, when I stream, when I go to the gym, when I do everything truly. The problem with this is it means that I often allow certain things to overlap into time I should be setting aside for important things. I need to ensure that I am writing (or editing) everyday for at least a certain amount of time. I need to set aside time for streaming, and stick to at least a slightly consistent schedule. I need to ensure I am waking up in time to go to the gym (which means making sure I am going to bed at a certain time). I’ve never been good at scheduling my time. Other than my mental health issues it was one of the number one problems I had in college, because I was terrible about scheduling study time and such. I start to feel stifled if my days end up being the same over and over so it’s part of the reason I often get off my schedules. Truly it’s something that would add a lot of improvement in my life.

My other road block is my husband’s odd schedule. Ben not only works a graveyard shift, but he also works 7 days on and 7 days off. I often times find myself staying up all night while he is at work and ending up on an odd version of his schedule. It is something that is counter to what is best for me and best for my progress.

I suppose this blog post is less of a defined post than the ones I normally do and more a thought. I’ve heard about bullet journal being a great way to get this started, and I am looking into it. If anyone else has other tools they’ve used in order to help them on the path to being a more organized and scheduled individual, I am open to it.

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