Seriously Considering

The recent addition of name changing has a lot of streamers thinking about their futures with Twitch. I for one have been contemplating this for awhile but this has really pushed it to the forefront of my mind. If you are curious here are my options for moving forward and what I feel are the pros and cons to each. I am curious to hear your thoughts on the choice, but know I will ultimately have to make it for myself.

Just Going Back to LoliZombie- This would not be using the name change feature. I have kept LoliZombie active so that it would remain mine


-Motivation is the biggest one. I never fully became motivated on ZombieScribe. This much is painfully clear. It’s been a year and I’ve not been able to really keep myself streaming and active. This is in large part due to the fact that I didn’t want to make the change but rather felt pressured to (see my first con)

-Most people have not actually embraced the change themselves. More people still refer to me as Loli than not

-The name actually meant a lot to me. My husband and a dear friend influenced the creation of it

-I do still have a number of followers on LoliZombie and it might help me to push through the bump

-By reactivating LoliZombie instead of doing a name change I will not waste a name change (if there is a limit)

-While some attention to the name LoliZombie was negative there was a lot of positive attention as well

-All of my gamertags are still LoliZombie so it would return me to having one internet identity


-The unsavory element that drove me to change my name will still be there. This is the biggest I hated dealing with it then I will hate it in the future.

-I am likely to lose a massive chunk of the followers that remain on LoliZombie after a year of not streaming with it and it might be discouraging

-I’ve gotten a lot of great regulars on ZombieScribe and I might lose them

-I don’t know that I can overcome yet another major upheaval in my streaming life

Keeping my name as ZombieScribe


-Not having to worry about the unsavory element that drove me away from LoliZombie in the first place

-Not having to worry about losing my new regulars

-Not facing another major upheaval


-Lack of motivation. Again I never got it together under the identity of ZombieScribe and I am afraid I never will

Using the name change feature to change to LoliZombie


-Get LoliZombie back without the upheaval of going to a “new” channel. So still getting a lot of the pros such as returning to a name I like.

-Not having to worry about losing the new regulars


-Back to our theme of, unsavory element

-Missing out on some of the pros of going back to LoliZombie like having a community still.

-Not sure if I will be able to use the name change feature as I have kept LoliZombie active

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