So there are a lot of things wrong with me as a writer. I use drinking as too much of a crutch when it comes to writing. I get lazy and inconsistent about how much I write. I beat myself up and end up just not bothering because I’ve already convinced myself I can’t. One of my biggest problems is that I never seem to finish a project (unless it’s a short one). I have a lot of half finished, quarter finished, even some nearly final draft finished longer projects.

I read something once about the love of writing can often be bad because people often love coming up with ideas and starting but then never seeing it through. I have a bit of that. I also just get far too easily distracted. I have at any given point no fewer than 5 (but usually closer to 10) projects going at once. None of them are given the right amount of care and attention, so none of them ever get finished.

I need to really focus in on starting a project and seeing it through to completion. Yes, there will be breaks, when I have others editing, that I can use to work on other projects. Yes, there will be moments where I just simply can’t focus on it. However these moments need to be the exception and NOT the rule.

There is a mountain of folders with outlines, ideas, and moments written. Yet very little completed… anything.

I am going to work on just picking one and really seeing it through. No long breaks, no bouncing around between 20 different ideas without any real progress, no excuses to move on to something else then never really coming back. No, one project, the main project, the main focus, and finishing it. Then when it’s done the next project, focus, lather, rinse, repeat.

I don’t believe my method of writing gives me any possibility of success. I am sure all writers have a degree of flouncing around, but I believe the successful ones often force themselves to reel it in. It’s well beyond time for me to reel it in.

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