A Reminder

Last night was a good reminder to not just give up. So much of my failure as a streamer (and in life in general) is because I get discouraged and simply don’t try.

I had issues with OBS then issues with audio. I almost canceled stream yet again as a result. I wanted to in fact. I found a way around the audio and made myself stream however. It wasn’t my best stream. My audio wasn’t completely fixed and my mood never fully recovered. It was a good stream though, and most importantly it was a stream.

Instead of canceling yet again I powered through.

I need to stop just giving up and giving in. I need to stop being a roadblock in my own life. I need to empower myself to fight, to try harder, to do better. I have defeated myself far to often because I just simply quit.

Last night was a good thing but it needs to be my norm.

Categories: Personal, Twitch

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