Break From Twitch

I have been trying to get a stream going but it’s just become very hard with everything that is going on. I still can’t share details but I will say this, it’s stressful, time-consuming, but ultimately an amazing thing that will be great for my life moving forward. I think, however, it’s time for me to admit that I need to throw in the towel on streaming for at least a few weeks. I have been attempting to make time for it and failing. When I do fail I end up feeling bad and like I have let everyone down. It would be better for me and probably better for my viewers to just be honest and say “I just don’t think I have the time right now”. It’s not that I have no down time but rather when I do have it that I just need to unwind and do some stuff for me. I am slowly seeping towards way too stressed and I don’t want that to happen.

Things have started moving rather quickly and I am hoping that come early June (at the latest) I can just start on a normal schedule again. I would rather wait until that happens than this inconsistency and stress that has been happening. I am contemplating some changes for the channel, mostly dealing with what time I will be streaming and what my focus for streams will be moving forward. I will keep you updated and am looking forward to your feedback as far as making these choices.

If I do have any downtime where I feel like I can get a stream in I might surprise everyone with one but I am going to say the odds of that are extremely low.

This will also apply to my blog. I have been making good attempts at being more consistent with my posts and that might stall out a little as well. The blog is much easier than streaming but still time-consuming in its own way. I will get posts up as frequently as possible but it will be less than what I was doing.

Again without giving away details then end of this little journey will be for the best. It will put me in a better place mentally and make it much easier for me to focus on both my writing and streaming. Once things are settled (again hoping early June at the latest) I will be able to give my projects the time they deserve.

I am looking forward to being able to share what has been happening (I am assuming some people have guessed) and sharing what my thoughts are for the future of my stream and blog. I am also looking forward to being in a position where giving my all to both will be easier, and where I will be more mentally healthy to do so.

Thank you all so much and I hope you understand! You mean the world to me and the last thing I want is to let you all down but taking this time right now just feels like what’s best.

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