Experimenting with Stream Time

So while I took a break from lolizombie and streamed on another channel I attempted to try streaming during the morning/day. The experiment… did not go well… however I don’t know how much that was the time and how much was my own lack of motivation, consistency, and enthusiasm. Regardless I am now faced with the same reality that I was that led me to stream during that time. My stream time puts me at horrible odds as it’s the most popular stream time and more importantly, it simply doesn’t work with the rest of my schedule. I need time to write, to take care of my home, to do the things I want/need to do for myself. Thus we are back here, and back to the idea of playing around with the stream time. For about a month (give or take) I am going to attempt to stream in the mornings/day on Tuesday-Thursday. I will try to start at roughly 10 am Mountain time. Friday and Saturday I am less certain about. I am leaning towards keeping those days at evening/night streams but we might play around with that as well.

After a month we will assess the situation. If I am consistent (which let’s face it has always been my big issue) but still struggling to gain viewers we might pick a different time slot. However, if it truly works best for my schedule to allow me the chance to succeed more with my writing (which I am hoping it will) then that will be a major factor. Either way, I wanted to let my viewers know what was going on and hopefully, this will work out well for us. If you have thoughts on timeslots in general, but especially with Friday and Saturday, please let me know.


Categories: Announcements & News, Twitch

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