So as you may or may not know I said I would be experimenting with my schedule moving forward. For the next couple of weeks, we will be trying this out.

*Note: I realize “normal stream” is not very descriptive. It essentially means that we will likely be picking one game and working through it either for one stream if it’s short enough or for a number of streams. I am hoping to do more indie, horror, and retro streams moving forward.

Tuesday-Thursday: Normal Stream. Starting at roughly 10-11 am Mountain Time

Friday: Fallout Friday. Currently working on Brotherhood Playthrough of Fallout 4. Starting time TBA

Saturday: Chillout Saturday. Currently doing a casual playthrough of Stardew Valley. Just something relaxing to help wind down my week. Starting time TBA

I have said before and I will repeat as many times as needed (because I know not everybody can read everything/be at every stream) the morning streams are a bit of an experiment. If this ends up really bad for gaining views and importantly doesn’t work for regulars/long time supporters we will reassess. I want to give it at least a few weeks before making the call but, in the meantime, feedback from you is greatly appreciated.

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