Food Journal 9/19-9/21… Sort of

For various reasons, I don’t have a full food journal for this week. However, I did get three free meals from Blue Apron and thought I could share my experience with it.

I want to note I got the free meals from a friend, not the company itself. I am also not a customer (as of yet), so this should not be considered an endorsement or promotion.

What I liked:

It was easy to put the meals together. I worried about skill level or equipment needed, but honestly, it was not a factor. I also appreciated that the recipes had checkboxes for each step. It helps keep it organized… I also really like checking things off of lists.

They tasted good

They were not too bad as far as calories and had high nutrition

What I didn’t like:

There is a lot of waste as far as wrappers and containers for everything. Not everything can be recycled and even with recycling, there is still a great deal of trash.

They are mass produced meals so I had a few complaints about various things like spice level.

So with that-

Meal One: Ancho Chili Chicken Tacos


I could have used more heat with this meal. I tend to like my spicy food to be spicy. I got a few bites with some kick, but otherwise not much. Not only that but the tacos themselves were unbalanced as far as filling. We ended up doing two (instead of three) so that each taco had more, then had one left over.

Meal Two: Roasted Pork and Salsa Verde


I got that the side “salad” had the sweetness of grapes to counter the poblano pepper, but poblanos are not hot. Once again I craved heat, however separating the grapes a bit (to cut the sweetness) helped a great deal.

Meal Three: Seared Steaks and Roasted Potatoes



What can I say, I am a steak and potatoes kind of gal. This meal was top notch. This was probably the most hectic of the meals to cook alone as many components were going at once, otherwise, can’t complain.

Despite my few issues with the meals I greatly enjoyed it overall. I had an easy time putting the meals together and liked the taste. I like that there is little to no food waste, and am seriously considering signing on either to this service or a similar one.

If you’ve ever used Blue Apron or something like it let me know your thoughts!

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