Food Journal: 10/23-10/27

Well as I haven’t been doing the food journals clearly things on that end have not been going well. I am still drinking too much too often, still eating out more than I should, and not being active enough.

This could rapidly turn into self-loathing and super negative so we are going to take a step back.

Pushing forward all I can do is do better. I know the things I need to fix now I just need to pull the trigger and actually freaking fix them.

On less serious notes things I need to watch for are my sodium intake, added sugars in things (we have way too much sugar in this country), and drinking my calories.

Monday 10/23:

Breakfast: I was craving a proper breakfast so I went for it. Eggs, toast, hashbrowns, bacon, and milk. It was big and kind of bad but one of those things I just really needed
Lunch: Meat slices and cheese (pre-workout) grapenuts (post-workout)
Dinner: Chili
Snacks: Toast (bad I know too many carbs in one day)
Indulgences: Redbull, yes this is still a massive problem of mine. Ramune drink
Workout: Elliptical 20 mins and a 5 min cooldown, 1.7 miles 255 calories. 50 crunches.

Tuesday 10/24:

Breakfast: Slept in and had a bad morning we are skipping to later in the day
Dinner: Leftover chili
Indulgences: *sigh* yes Redbull. A handful of cheetos
Workout: None taking such a long break from the gym killed me

Wednesday 10/25:


Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito
Lunch: Eggroll
Dinner: Spaghetti carbonara
Indulgences: ? I am doing this way late in the week because I was having wordpress issues so I am not certain
Workout: Helped my dad on the farm if that counts lol

Thursday 10/26:


Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese
Lunch: Leftover carbonara
Dinner: Miso fish, rice, cucumber salad
Snacks: Triscuits
Indulgences: Redbull

Friday 10/27

Breakfast: Egg and hashbrowns
Lunch: Leftovers
Dinner: BLA (bacon, lettuce, avocado)
Snacks: Triscuits
Indulgences: Redbull (I really need to work on this) a piece of chocolate

At the end of the week, I am happier than I was at the start. I did better with the drinking, I was more active overall (even though I didn’t get to the gym as much I should), and we ate out less than I have been. It is proof that sticking with it regardless of how I feel at the start of the week is worth it. A few days later and I am in a much better place.

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