E3 2018 Wish List

We are getting close to that time of year again. Since I quit writing for other websites, I have been lax on my E3 coverage. I want to take some time and highlight what I hope to see at this year’s E3 however.

Fallout 76 Info

Since the teaser people have been going mad with speculation over what this game might be (which I don’t get). Logic dictates that this won’t be a standard Fallout experience, but that leaves a lot of options open. Maybe it will be a tactics game, maybe it will be an MMO, maybe it will be Fallout Shelter only on a grand scale, who knows. I love the Fallout series and not just the standard games so I am amped. I am also amped for an actual answer instead of again, mad speculation.

Cyberpunk 2077

I am desperate for this game to be on the home stretch finally. I so want there to be information on it this year. I am not sure how likely it is, but this is a wish list, not a “likely list.”

Call of Cthulhu

I’ve been relatively disappointed with the lack of information on this game, and it leads me not to be too hopeful about when we will finally get it. However, since learning of it, I have been anxious about it, so I can’t help but hope for more. Given that it’s indie it doesn’t exactly fall into the “E3” category. However, more indie developers have been using E3 week to make their announcements.

Plants vs. Zombie Garden Warfare 3

I greatly enjoy these games. I have little faith that this franchise has a bright future given the lack of word on it, but one can hope.

Original IPs

This is on my wishlist every year for E3 and likely will remain. In a world of sequels and remasters I would love to see more original IPs that get me excited. Some true survival horror would be great, as well as more RPGs.

A Slow Down on Remasters

There are a few games I would still like to see remastered, and there are some remasters I have enjoyed. That being said we’ve been a bit flooded with them, and honestly, I am ready to see E3 not spend so much time announcing/hyping them.

A Multiplayer Game for Me

This happens every year. I really want a multiplayer game that I can throw myself into. There are some I dabble in and enjoy, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been super hyped and super dedicated to one. I am hopeful every year that maybe something will come along that will speak to me. Perhaps Anthem? Perhaps something to get me back into SWTOR? Perhaps whatever Fallout 76 is?

And sadly that seems to be all. I think given the length of the list it’s safe to say I am not overly pumped for this year’s E3. That means very little in the grand scheme of things. I am not one that spends a lot of time trying to pretend like I know what will show up at E3. There have been years I have been excited, and very little I cared about was announced, years I forgot it was even happening and then ended up blown away, and years that I tuned in because I do often and walked away with the usual amount of hype/response. Maybe this will be one of those years where my expectations are low, and a lot of surprises are delivered.

With that said what are you looking forward to this year at E3?

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