Food Journal: 6/11- 6/14

So May was not a great month for me (nor has June been off to the best start). I never exactly got back on track after the trip. I came home emotionally drained, and it stuck with me for several weeks. I am going to focus on moving forward as it’s all I can do now. I am disappointed in my progress in 2018 overall (again as I have said) but dwelling will do nothing. I need to acknowledge my mistakes (and do) but then strive to move forward and do better (which I am).

Goals for the week (and the future)- Redbull big time. I’ve needed to just go cold turkey on Redbull for a while now. It’s very bad for me and I drink far too many. Cut back on sodium. Add more vegan and/or vegetarian foods into my diet. Get back to going to the gym on a regular schedule. Start wearing my Fitbit and going for better step counts. My goal is to go week by week wearing it until x number of steps then letting myself take it off. I hope that as my step count improves I will get more used to wearing it (I hate things on my wrists). Cut back or out alcohol. Fewer carbs and starches. Less eating out. Get on a regular sleep schedule so I am less likely to miss meals and working out.

Monday 6/11

Breakfast: Egg, toast, coffee
Lunch: Meal prep chicken, spinach, and cauliflower rice
Dinner: Creamy caramelized onion burgers (Blue Apron)
Snacks: Fruit cup, perrier strawberry
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds
Fitbit: No
Summary: I could not sleep well Sunday night and it threw off my morning a bit. I  forgot to put on my Fitbit on and was just out of it. Still not the worst day

Tuesday 6/12

Breakfast: Instant Breakfast and fruit
Lunch: Meal prep chicken, spinach, and cauliflower rice
Dinner: Baked potato and milk
Snacks: Almonds, perrier strawberry, hot tea
Indulgences: Redbull
Fitbit: I wore it but did not hit my step count. I also put it on late and took it off early so there is a chance I did but it doesn’t count
Sort of? Woke up way too late to go to the gym so I did some extra on the stepper thing. Not exactly a workout but more than normal.
Summary: Today was not great. I had trouble waking up and then was very unmotivated and listless all day. It wasn’t my worst day but had a lot of room for improvement

Wednesday 6/13

Breakfast: Burrito (yes terrible I know)
Lunch: Avacado and perrier strawberry
Dinner: Meal prep chicken, spinach, and cauliflower rice
Snacks: Triscuits
Indulgences: Popcorn, soda
Fitbit: No
Summary: Not a great day. I am having a hard time being motivated and… it was just not a great day

Thursday 6/14

My birthday and I was a little indulgent. Wasn’t the best for me but you know what… my birthday

Weekly Summary: So clearly not the best week. I didn’t hit my step goals nor did I even track every day. However, the point was to start doing this again and get back to better habits. As such I am going to consider that a small victory and try harder next week.


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