Food Journal: 6/17- 6/22

So last week was my first week back to the food journal in a long time. It wasn’t the best week but as I stated I am seeing actually getting it done as a positive instead of focusing on the negatives. I hope this week is better and each week following.

My Fitbit steps goal for the week is 5k steps a day.

Long-term goals are (and have been) watch sodium, fewer carbs and starches, more vegan and vegetarian meals, healthier snacking, healthier drinking (no sodas etc), and major cut back on alcohol consumption.

Sunday 6/17

Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese (v)
Lunch: Salad, perrier strawberry (v)
Dinner: Middle Eastern Spiced Cod with brown rice, dates, and yogurt sauce
Indulgences: Handful of chips, bread, brie, and herbed olive oil (terrible I know but our date night snack), Redbull, two glasses of wine
Fitbit: Yes

Monday 6/18

Breakfast: None overslept
Lunch: Part of a lean cuisine and milk (v)
Dinner: Steak and Spicy Butter with mashed potatoes and zucchini, milk
Snacks: Perrier strawberry, coffee
Indulgences: A bit of the bread, brie, and olive oil (yes I know terrible but it wasn’t too much and you know what I wanted it lol)
Fitbit: Yes

Tuesday 6/19


Breakfast: A bit of leftover noodles with chicken. It wasn’t good so I ate very little
Lunch: Burger (this was bad but we were working all day and I was starving. My one meal out)
Dinner: Meal prep Quinoa Taco Bowl (quinoa, black beans, corn, green onion, lettuce, half avocado, salsa for dressing), milk (v)
Indulgences: Redbull, yep the cold turkey died after one day lol. In my defense, I could not sleep last night and we had a lot to do today it was just easier. It’s a bad excuse but there you go. Sunflower seeds
Fitbit: No. I likely would have hit my step goal easily but I forgot to put it on

Wednesday 6/20


Breakfast: Hashbrown, egg, milk, coffee
Lunch: none wasn’t feeling well and took a nap
Dinner: Spiced chicken breast and mashed potatoes with kale and blue cheese salad
Snacks: Tortilla
Indulgences: Redbull
Fitbit: No

The rest of the week fell by the wayside for me. I started my period and wasn’t feeling well and just kind of gave up. This system I have of doing good for a couple of days and then something happens and it just all goes to pot needs to stop. Everything I have to say about it right now is pretty negative so I am going to spare the blog that and just reflect on my own.

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