Well after that long and honest post about restarting this food journal and holding myself more accountable I skipped food journals. Off to a great start Megan. Either way here I am.

Goals: Redbull… kind of. So in the past, I talked about wanting to quit for some time and I still do. The issue is that it’s way too hot to depend on coffee and tea for my afternoon caffeine. I still want to cut back on Redbull and I do plan on quitting in the fall lol
Eat more vegan and vegetarian foods
Add back in smoothies to my diet
Watch sodium intake
Watch carbs, starches, and similar things
Don’t drink my calories
Don’t drink alcohol
Snack well
Wear my Fitbit

Sunday 8/5


Breakfast: Chicken taco, we had leftovers and I threw it together. Not great for me.
Lunch: Homemade veggie patty, half an avocado, pure leaf black tea
Dinner: Blue Apron- Cajun Shrimp and Corn Pancakes with sauteed summer vegetables
Snacks: Perrier strawberry, olives, cheese cubes
Indulgences: Sunflower seeds, so bad with trying to watch sodium, Redbull, dark chocolate

Monday 8/6


Breakfast: Overslept, had a very bad night
Lunch: Salad and half avocado
Dinner: Tempura Zucchini & Spicy Radish Bao
Indulgences: Redbull

Tuesday 8/7

Breakfast: Piece of wheat toast and most of a smoothie (greek yogurt, chia seeds, whey, apple, plum, blueberry, apricot). Coffee
Lunch: Rest of the smoothie and small salad with half avocado, Perrier strawberry
Dinner: Homemade alfredo with mushrooms and peas, toast, milk. I forgot how heavy this meal is, not something to repeat a lot while trying to lose weight.
Snacks: Cheese slices
Indulgences: Redbull
Workout: 30 mins on elliptical plus 5 min cooldown. I upped level. 2.32 before cooldown 2.57 after.
Fitbit: Yes but I forgot to take it off when working out. Because I have an older model it doesn’t have an accurate “exercise mode” and so it throws off the step count. Until I get a better one I would prefer not to wear it while working out.


I have apparently caught a bug and spent a better part of these days doing little else but sleeping and being sick. Still, I wanted to get something of a food journal up since I haven’t in a while. This, of course, means I have more to work on next week.

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