Well, last week wasn’t great but I am happy that I got at least something up. While something is better than nothing it was lacking. I am having a difficult time in just have a solid full week. Between deaths in the family, depression, and illness it’s like every week starts fine and then just nosedives. This is not a functional way to live life. Here’s to this week being better.

Redbull- Still trying to cut back though probably not cutting it out completely. When it cools down we will tackle that challenge again
Eat more vegan and vegetarian foods
Continue with adding smoothies back into my diet
Watch sodium intake
Watch carbs, starches, etc
Don’t drink my calories
Don’t overindulge in alcohol
Snack well
Wear my Fitbit

Sunday 8/12

Breakfast: Egg dish from a restaurant. Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast
Lunch: Nothing *cringe*
Dinner: Spicy shrimp, sauteed kale, cauliflower mash
Snacks: Some almonds and white peach as I was prepping smoothies, pure leaf unsweet tea
Indulgences: Redbull, one Reese’s (the one with the pieces in it because I really wanted to try it lol), wine
Fitbit: Yes, but I forgot to put it on for the better part of the day so didn’t hit my step goal

Monday 8/13

Breakfast: Overslept
Lunch: Meal prep- Quinoa, black beans, roasted chickpeas, with avocado
Dinner: Salad with chicken more Voss water
Snacks: Voss lemon cucumber water, almonds, crackers, milk
Indulgences: Redbull, other Reese’s
Fitbit: Yes

Tuesday 8/14

Breakfast: Coffee, milk, a slice of wheat toast, hashbrowns
Lunch: Smoothie- white peach, power greens, blueberries, chocolate whey protein, chia seeds, greek yogurt
Dinner: Moroccan couscous with vegetables and pork loin
Snacks: Crackers and cheese
Indulgences: Redbull, couple chips
Fitbit: Took it off and forgot to put it back on so kind of yes but mostly no

Wednesday 8/15

We are skipping today. My hormones were bad there was some indulgence in food I shouldn’t have had. I felt awful all day

Thursday 8/16

Breakfast: Smoothie, half a banana, pineapple, papaya, mango mix, blueberries, whey, chia seeds, greek yogurt, power greens. Scrambled egg
Lunch: Pasta Roni and milk. I know these like boxed pasta and rice things aren’t great for you but I am playing around with my stream schedule and needed something I could make and eat quickly. If I stick with this new schedule I will need to find healthier alternatives (if anyone has suggestions). Things that can be heated up (eaten cold) and eaten in about 5-10 mins
Dinner: Crazy leftover day. We took stuff that was about to turn and just ate it so it was a weird mix of stuff
Snacks: Crackers
Indulgences: Brookside dark chocolate pieces (with acai berry)

So we are a day late and once again and incomplete week. Like last week though making sure I get these up, get in the habit, and make improvements, is the important part right now.


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