I missed last week and for that, I apologize but onward and upward.

Right now I need to really work on my sleep schedule. Oversleeping in the morning because I am unable to fall asleep at night is not good. I skip meals, I skip important at home activities, I skip the gym. Insomnia can be a real sob and I need to work it out.

Other goals

More activity
Wear Fitbit
More vegan and vegetarian foods
Don’t drink my calories
Don’t drink alcohol
Work on cutting back Redbull
Snack well
Watch Sodium
Allow myself some treats so that I don’t over deny and fall hard but don’t overindulge

Monday 8/27

Breakfast: Hashbrowns, bacon, toast
Lunch: Smoothie
Dinner: Pizza (bad I know)
Snacks: Crackers and cheese, Voss water
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds
Fitbit: I wore it but didn’t hit my step count. The insomnia monster hit hard last night so today was not my most active day

Tuesday 8/28

Breakfast: Nothing, overslept, insomnia monster still being a fart
Lunch: Sandwich and chips
Dinner: Blue Apron- Cheeseburger with cucumber-radish salsa and sweet potato fries (ate about half), milk
Snacks: Perrier strawberry, almonds
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds, one Reese’s cup
Fitbit: Completely forgot which I would have made my step count easily

Wednesday 8/29

Breakfast: Nothing, same issue
Lunch: Taco and chips (terrible again I know)
Dinner: Blue Apron- Tuscan Chicken and Summer Vegetables. I ate very little because it had anise which I hate
Snacks: Milk
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds
Fitbit: Yes

Thursday 8/30

Breakfast: Same deal as the rest of the week
Lunch: Sandwich with chips
Dinner: Blue Apron- Sear Cod and Peppers over Creamy Rice
Snacks: Crackers and cheese
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds
Fitbit: Yes

We are late and a day short but here we are. Not the best week, not the worst either.

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