This week did not get off to a good start, mostly because I stayed up so late on Saturday streaming. Doing that is fine, but doing that and then being an unhealthy slug on Sunday as a result is not. There needs to be a balance. I have already decided that Saturday is kind of my “cheat” day so it can’t be followed by a second. Something to work on, especially if late streams are going to be the norm for Saturday.

Monday 10/29


Breakfast: Overslept
Lunch: Part of a leftover burrito
Dinner: Blue Apron- Seared Stakes and Mashed Potatoes
Snacks: Peanut butter toast, milk, hot tea
Indulgences: Redbull, half a soda
Fitbit: No

Tuesday 10/30


Breakfast: Avocado on toast with eggs, green onion, and capers. Milk
Lunch: Pasta, olive oil, red pepper, parm cheese
Dinner: Potpie
Indulgences: Redbull, mini Reese’s
Fitbit: No, which is sad I would have hit it easily with all the errands we ran

Wednesday 10/31

I got sick Tuesday night and was still feeling pretty awful on Wednesday

Thursday 11/1


Breakfast: Overslept
Lunch: Homemade Burrito with egg, black beans, and green onion. Milk
Dinner: Adobo-Style Chicken with Bok Coy and Jasmine Rice
Snack: Tortilla with a little butter
Indulgences: Redbull, mini Reese’s, some wine
Fitbit: No

Friday 11/2

We were out and about all day so ate out

This week was not a great one. Whatever hit me on Tuesday hit me pretty hard and took a lot out of me. I didn’t manage to workout or even wear my Fitbit to get steps in. However, I will not lay too much blame on myself I really felt awful. On to next week!

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