Hello everyone!

I hope everyone that was on holiday had a good one. I am sorry I was never able to stream, I wanted to, but it just wasn’t in the cards with family over. Happy to be back to it this week though! I have been teasing a big announcement, and while the final details are still not worked out, I think it’s time to give some more detail.

It’s no secret I have been struggling with streaming. I have been rather open about how hard this year has been on me, and it’s shown through in streams. Part of it is how bogged down I have felt mentally and emotionally, part of it is feeling a bit directionless with stream. To that end, I am thinking of rolling out a new schedule and a new focus. I am thinking of streaming one game for the bulk of my streams, at least for some time. I am still not sure what that one game will be (there are a few in the mix for options), but I am hoping to pick one soon.

I think this will help me a great deal because it will take away some of the pressure I am feeling with streaming, that ultimately keeps me from streaming as much or enthusiastically as I should be. Having a set game for the bulk of my streams means less choosing and also more focus, both of which I could use for now.

However, I don’t want to leave my “variety” roots entirely. I will set aside one day every week specifically for working through a “story game” on stream.

The new schedule should look like

Wed-Fri: TBA game
Saturday: Games with Hooli and viewers
Sunday: Story stream

I hope this is something that everyone will find acceptable, and that it will help me get my streaming mojo back. I don’t want 2019 to be like this year was, I want to do better and be better. Every aspect of my life where I can rework things and hopefully help with that I will be doing so.

Again this is not starting just yet, but we are moving in that direction and should be on it soon!

I hope to see everyone later this week and lots of love to you all!

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