Hello everyone!

Whoops, I am a day late! So sorry >_<

So not too much to announce this week. We did our story stream on Sunday, The First Tree, and I will be off today and tomorrow. This week we are going to try our damnedest to roll out the new schedule and make it a full week. I will be back on Wednesday, though we haven’t picked out the main game. For now, I will likely be sticking with Stardew Valley for my Wednesday-Friday streams.

I should be streaming with Hooli on Saturday if all goes well. Sunday we should be starting our next story game though I am not 100% sure what it will be. I can say that I am leaning heavily towards Kingdom Hearts 2 to make sure I have time to get it streamed before the launch of 3 with only streaming once a week.

Thank you so much, and I hope the start of your week goes well and gets the rest of the week going right!

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