I mentioned in one of my Weekly Announcements that I wanted to start using Twitch to help clear my backlog a bit. This post will serve as my backlog list (subject to change) and keep track of the games I have managed to clear from it! If you have suggestions of what I should add (or remove) from the backlog list let me know!


Fallout 4: Brotherhood


Ni No Kuni II
Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space
Sam & Max Save the World
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Rabbit Story
The Guest
Blair Witch
Another World
Blackwell Series
The Last of Us
Child of Light
Killer is Dead
The Night of the Rabbit
What Remains of Edith Finch
Dream Daddy
Old Man’s Journey
Monster Hunter World
Deadly Premonition
Dying Light
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Uncharted Trilogy
Katamari Damacy
Red Dead Redemption II
The Red Strings Club
Mass Effect 1-3
Bioshock 1-3
Mass Effect Andromeda
Okami HD
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-II
Final Fantasy 15
The Sinking City
Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter
Kathy Rain
Parasite Eve
Tales from the Borderlands
Fallout 4 (Institute)
Resident Evil (Xbox)
The Gods Will Be Watching

*Note: If I finish a game from the Backlog but not on stream I will just remove it

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