August Update

I am going to keep it real, August was not my most productive month, but I don’t honestly mind all that much. It was our last month of having a few things off of our plate, and we did a lot more of enjoying that time off than I did being super productive. We went on our trip (which was amazing), I, unfortunately, got sick, we spent a lot of days just enjoying time together. It was a pretty lazy month, but I really feel like I needed it. I am feeling more recharged and ready to go.

Work on Rough Draft: I did not get as much done as I would have liked, but I am adding to it more consistently, and we are slowly making progress

Gym/Health Stuff: Big failure on the gym, however, I did start wearing my Fitbit more, lost some weight, and did get some steps in overall health goals

Journaling: Mixed bag. I am using it as a tool more, but I am stepping back a bit on pressuring myself with it. I want to try to keep at journaling, but it will not be an everyday thing

Finish More Books: I did get one more done and decent progress on another

Got The Diary of the Horsemen back up

Working on The Aftermath: Eh… not good

Extra Blog Writing: 50/50

Enjoy My Vacation: Big Time Yes

Got my front yard finished: So glad about this one it looks so good and I am so happy

Schedule/Routine: I have been getting better at this, even with the vacation and such.

September Goals

Rough Draft: Alright, we made slow progress, time to get serious. I would like a significant chunk of it to get done this month

Stream More Consistently!!!!!


Fitbit: I want to start the month with 5,000 steps a day and move up to 5,500 if not 6,000. Also, if it starts cooling off start taking my dogs on more walks again.

Lose Weight: I have a goal, and I will be honest if I hit it or not. I am still a little cagey about how much detail I am giving on this journey. We can add, getting over that to this goal as well

Focus on more new stuff: I have gotten into a revisit hole, and my backlog of games, movies, tv shows, etc. is just growing. I really want to focus on starting and completing more things

Good Work on Backyard: I am running out of time, so we got to get the last few projects done

Work on The Aftermath

Drink Less, Snack Healthy, Eat Out Rarely: Basically all the things related to eating healthy and getting better

Be More Supportive of Other Streamers: Part of my not being a great streamer is I have also not been a great viewer. I need to fix that

Stay More Connected to Loved Ones: Family and Friends. My mental/emotional health is getting better, so part of that means trying to fix bad habits. A big one being my lack of reaching out to people and damaging our relationships with my absence

Secret Writing Project with Friend: Can’t/won’t share details at this stage, but I need to get some progress done

Continue to Work on my Routine/Schedule: Even more consistency and productivity

Look for New Writing Projects and Topics: I need to flex my writing muscles even more so I need to look into new places to write, new types of writing to do, various things like that.

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