Goodness, it has been so damn long since I have done one of these (nearly a year in fact). Honestly not much to say on that front other than time to get back to it and do better. I have a few goals just to get me back into the groove of doing this and making healthier choices. Get into the habit of wearing my Fitbit, start going to the gym again, eat more vegan/vegetarian foods, snack and drink better, cut back on alcohol consumption, things of that nature.

When I get back into the flow of keeping this journal and have healthier habits by nature instead of thinking about them, then I will set more specific goals. Fitbit Goal is 5,000 a day. Somedays I get beyond it but will just mark the 5,000

Monday 9/2

Breakfast: Toast, scrambled eggs, hashbrown, milk
Lunch: Smoothie- Plum, banana, rhubarb, power green, greek yogurt, chia seeds
Dinner: Pizza- Naan as the crust, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, spinach, olive oil (sauce), onion
Snacks: Perrier lime
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds
Fitbit: Maybe? So my Fitbit freaked out at some point and went from like 4300 (ish) to over 8000… while I was sitting at my computer. I am not sure what happened. Given how close I was when this happened though and that I was continuing to walk around after I am going to guess I got it?

Tuesday 9/3

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with cheese in a tortilla with hot sauce (so kind of breakfast burrito), milk
Lunch: Nothing, breakfast was way late… in fact pretty much lunch
Dinner: Lasagna, garlic bread, milk
Snacks: Grapes, Acai berry green tea, tortilla, a few crackers, Pierre lime
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds, 2 drinks (one beer one Truly)
Fitbit: Glitched again so maybe?

Wednesday 9/4

Breakfast: Ham and swiss on an English muffin with an over-easy egg, hashbrown, milk
Lunch: Nothing, same as yesterday
Dinner: Lasagna, garlic toast
Snacks: Hot tea, cheese and crackers
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds, a few Truly
Fitbit: Removed again, it is now removing steps as well as randomly adding. Something is super wrong with it. Attempting to still pay attention to my movement and attempt to walk enough that I think I am around the right amount

Thursday 9/5

Breakfast: Part of a breakfast burrito, maybe half but I think even less
Lunch: Ham and swiss sandwich, chips (too many but less than I used to do)
Dinner: Lobster fried rice, spring rolls, Perrier lime
Snacks: Crackers, small muffin, iced coffee
Indulgences: Half a squirt, Redbull, sunflower seeds, Truly

Friday 9/6

Breakfast: Breakfast tacos
Lunch: Split a chicken meal with Ben from a fast-food place
Dinner: Lobster fried rice, spring rolls, milk
Snacks: Cheese and crackers
Indulgences: Squirt, sunflower seeds, one Reese’s, Truly


I have no idea what is up with my Fitbit but hopefully now that Ben is not in the middle of his insane shift he can help me troubleshoot. Still drinking way too many Redbulls instead of better sources of caffeine and I need to fix that. I also might need to get a normal coffee maker instead of just the espresso machine. The sunflower seeds are for sure something I do so much because I get bored and want to snack and have something to do, but the sodium… I’ve got to watch it with sodium. In general, my snacking and beverages needs work.

Kind of lost it at the end of the week (clearly on Friday). Need to restock my fridge and cabinets so that “fast food” does not become the easier option. I am usually better about that but life happens sometimes.

All in all not the best week but you know what I am back at it and trying and having a list of what I am doing can help me really pay attention to problem areas.

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