Skipped a few weeks but I will eventually (hopefully) get back into the habit with this food journal.

I want to have a Fitbit goal but I honestly don’t know that I will be able to. I will wear it when I am able but I cannot find a permanent solution to whatever has been happening.

Other goals are standard. Avoid eating out as much as possible, balanced meals, watch sodium, don’t drink my calories, try to start going to the gym again, etc.

Sunday 10/6

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Kid’s meal from fast food (bad I know)
Dinner: Chicken enchilada casserole with some sour cream, Perrier lime
Snacks: Milk
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds

Monday 10/7

Breakfast: Oatmeal bowl with mushrooms, green onion, egg, facon bits
Lunch: Slices of deli meat, cheese cubes, pickles, and pretzel crisps, Perrier pink grapefruit
Dinner:  Leftover casserole, milk
Snacks: Light popcorn
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds, few chips, wine

Tuesday 10/8

Breakfast: Overslept
Lunch: Fast food (yes I know)
Dinner: Creamy butternut squash soup with rosemary bread
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds

Wednesday 10/9

Bad Day

Thursday 10/10

Breakfast: Breakfast tacos (egg, mushroom, onion, cheese, salsa)
Lunch: Leftover soup and toast, Perrier lime
Dinner: Pork belly bao, dumplings, oven bakes leeks
Snacks: Milk
Indulgences: Redbull, sunflower seeds, Truly

Friday 10/11

Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito
Lunch: Nothing
Dinner: Lasagna and toast
Indulgences: Redbull

Bad week…

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