Well, it’s been far too long since doing one of these again. Eventually, I will get back into the habit… hopefully. Standard goal. Wear my Fitbit (if working), generally, try to eat well, balance what I eat, avoid eating out, limit alcohol, etc.

Monday 11/11

Breakfast: Sausage patty, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, biscuit
Lunch: Nothing
Dinner: Lemon, garlic, parm baked chicken. Baked potatoes and brussel sprouts
Snacks: Carrots, Perrier lime, crackers
Indulgences: Redbull, beer
Fitbit: 3200 (took it off early because it was bothering me)

Tuesday 11/12

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Leftover chicken, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts
Dinner: Slice of leftover pizza and a garlic knot
Snacks: Crackers
Indulgences: Redbull, beer

Wednesday 11/13

Breakfast: Egg, toast, hashbrown, sausage links
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: Chili with fritos
Snacks: Carrots, crackers
Indulgences: Redbull, wine
Fitbit: 5000

Thursday 11/14

Bad Day

Friday 11/14

Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: Burger and fries (about half)
Dinner: Broccoli and cheese soup
Snacks: Crackers
Indulgences: Redbull, chips, wine

Weekly Summary-

Not a great week if I am being honest. I blame roughly 80% of it on being on my period. It threw off my sleep schedule, gave me weird cravings, and made it hard for me to be more proactive. Still, I got the summary done, and it wasn’t the worst week. I need to eat out less next week, keep cutting back on drinking and unhealthy habits, and work to improve instead of dwelling on what I didn’t do enough of.

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