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My Twitch career has been tumultuous at best. It has been plagued by my mental health issues, my own laziness, switching my name, my inability to keep a schedule, and a million other things. To be honest, right now it’s currently plagued by my feeling I should just give up. It has been years since…

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Food Journal: 10/23-10/27

Well as I haven’t been doing the food journals clearly things on that end have not been going well. I am still drinking too much too often, still eating out more than I should, and not being active enough. This could rapidly turn into self-loathing and super negative so we are going to take a…

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Letting Go of Jealousy

Some time ago (like nearly a year) I wrote a short piece on one of my worst habits, comparing myself to others. Recently this has been on my mind, and I would like to expand on it a bit. I have the worst habit of comparing myself to others, and never in a good way.…

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