Changes Coming to the Channel

During my “welcome back” stream I made a few announcements about the planned format for future streams. It was brief so I wanted to go into further detail about where I see the stream going from here on out. I am sort of considering this the starting point. Shortly after the name change is when my…

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Fallen Apart

I can safely say, that I am now the closest to suicidal that I’ve been since I actually tried to take my own life. I’ve lost all motivation, to stream, to write, to work on the website. I’ve struggled with this in the past, but usually I would stumble for a time, but get it…

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It’s Been Difficult

I self published on Smashwords once before, but took it no further. I recently (as you noticed) did my first self published work on amazon. It’s been… difficult. Reason number one, I am out of state and have been since it went live. While I am not completely disconnected from the world, I am disconnected…

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The Aftermath

Hello all! You can now purchase a collection of short stories written by yours truly! I would appreciate the support so make sure to tell everyone you know 😉

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Lost the Fun

Twitch is work, I know this. I realize that to have any success with streaming you do have to treat it like other “jobs” trying to improve, grow, and even doing work outside of the stream. That being said, lately, I’ve lost the fun in streaming. I have allowed it to become nothing but stress,…

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The Struggle for Ideas

In addition to “running” this blog, I also run geeksnerdsunite as you know. I say “running” because I am struggling to update it as often as I should. Over the years of writing, either for myself or other websites, coming up with ideas has always been an issue. Sometimes they come to me quickly, based…

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